After 20 years of reporting in the national security field, I was done. Like many people entering the dreaded middle-aged morass, I was questioning most of my life choices. That included my career. After quitting my job at the Washington Herald, I was casting around for something to do. I was hoping that some inspiration would hit me. As I burned through my savings and spent most of my days doing…well, nothing…it was becoming clear that I needed something beyond inspiration. And that’s when fate intervened.

I was contacted by Mr. Friend. Mr. Friend is a trusted source from within the intelligence community. Over the years he provided me with leads, information, and other contacts. While not instrumental in my career, he certainly was an asset. When he contacted me and asked for a meeting, I agreed, even though I was no longer a reporter.

The meeting was odd, to say the least. Friend seemed agitated, something I had not seen before. Our conversation went from bland pleasantries to an increasingly bizarre discussion about UFOs, Bigfoot, Atlantis, and a number of other fringe topics. Most of the discussion consisted of Friend asking what I knew about these things and how much I believed in them. My answers – variations on “I’ve heard of them” and “No” – must have satisfied him. A few days later, I received my first email from Friend regarding The Shadow Garden.

Friend made it clear he had decided to release information about “the greatest secret in the history of the human race,” because something is about to happen. What that something is, Friend hasn’t told me. If half of what he has told me is true, however, the world is stranger and more dangerous than we ever imagined.

I hope this site can help people gain a better understanding of the true face of reality, even though that face is a leering horror.

To learn more, go here.





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