Doc Holiday

This is the first of a series of audio files I discovered in the latest transfer from Mr. Friend. It is a recording of a meeting between an unnamed government official and a representative of VIPER DIAMOND code-named DOC HOLIDAY. There was also a transcript of the meeting; however, I have located no other information related to this meeting at this time.

Title: DocHoliday78 – Length: 5:13


doc holiday-1doc holiday-2doc holiday-3

While earlier releases demonstrate a relationship between the United States and Viper Diamond, this recording reveals how significant that relationship is.
In this brief discussion, we have evidence of the US Air Force working on alien technology with the assistance of Viper Diamond, the use of an active (at that time) Air Force base, influence over the State Department, and the existence of a organization that assists the aliens in human and animal abductions (Red Wing).

At the time of the meeting, KI Sawyer was a Strategic Air Command base, housing dozens of B-52s armed with nuclear weapons. Whatever CHURCHKEY is, it appears to have some purpose other than serving as a meeting location for Viper Diamond. There is a partially redacted reference to a dedicated meeting place being built. The extraterrestrial – Doc Holiday, obviously not the same entity called John Wayne in the Varsity Team Incident – mentions coming from a place of ‘wet and heat.’ Could this be further proof of long-standing allegations of an alien presence in Puerto Rico?

There are other tantalizing bits of information. Doc Holiday mentions two new code words related to earlier documents. ECLIPSE TOURGUIDE may be related to ECLIPSE FURNACE, the subterranean race detailed in the German After Action Report from 1942. Are there multiple subterranean species? Or does ‘Eclipse’ refer to some other category of entity and these two just happen to have underground bases? Since there was no major West Coast earthquake in 1978, does that mean the US government (or some non-governmental entity) took steps to stop them, based this report?

The other new keyword – DEADBOLT BRONCO – clearly is related to DEADBOLT GINGER. Both are related to extradimensional entities entering our world. The area in Brazil referred as Colares-Belem are in reality two cities in the state of Para. After large numbers of UFOs were sighted, the Brazilian government launched Operation Prato which officially found nothing. It would appear that this may not be the full story. Was Brazil pressured into halting the investigation? Who are Deadbolt Bronco and what kind of genetic experiments are being carried out? The reaction of the US representative is nonchalant, as if this kind of thing is a common occurrence. Also, there is a reference to “Cold Anvil”, apparently, the same directive as “COLDANIVL” from the Castel Coedig event 35 years later. Was the US government prepared to bombard northern Brazil from space?

A few of the items mentioned are unclear. What is a ‘CIDAR FARM linage?’ So far, I’ve found no other mention of this. Is ‘Object 2010’ something within our solar system? it appears to be the case; but there is no information on what it may be. The information presented indicates that viper Diamond resources on Earth are limited. While they clearly have superior technology – for example, the antigravity engines for ELEMENT BASEPLATE (related to ELEMENT OXCART?) mentioned by the unnamed government official – they have limitations. What could stretch the resources of a species that can travel through interstellar space? Whatever Object 2010 is, it must be a significant threat.

Finally, the brief mention of information on the Soviets being used for ‘social cultural engineering” is provocative. How much of a hand did Viper Diamond – and others – have in the Cold War? Could it all have been some elaborate stage-managed experiment? If so, to what end?

More frightening is the finale question: How much are we being manipulated today?

With every release we get father down a very dark and dangerous rabbit hole.

Doc Holiday

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