A War Within A War

The focus of the Shadow Garden documents is on operations against the supernatural and extraterrestrial threats facing the United States. However, Mr. Friend has also provided information on the activities of other governments, some going back for centuries. This is the first such document. It is part of a series of histories produced by the Shadow Garden.

During the Second World War, German forces advanced into the Caucasus mountains during the summer of 1942. During the time frame of the After Action Report (AAR), the 4. Gebirgs Division (4th Mountain Division) was part of the unsuccessful thrust towards the Black Sea port of Sukhumi.

The red circle shows the approximate location of the events in the AAR.

The first image is of the cover of the book in which this document was originally published. The other images are of the translation of the AAR and notes from earlier editions of the book.

Translation of German encounter with subterrestirals-1.jpg

translation-of-german-encounter-with-subterrestirals-2translation-of-german-encounter-with-subterrestirals-3translation-of-german-encounter-with-subterrestirals-4translation-of-german-encounter-with-subterrestirals-5A few items stand out. The most important is the revelation that there is a subterranean race, one not described in previous documents. ECLIPSE FURNACE appears to be a major threat, one with subterranean cities and ongoing military actions against them. Joint Operation Pyrite IX implies there were earlier operations; although the note is from 1988, other material to be published demonstrates this conflict has intensified. Eclipse Furnace appears to be a major threat to mankind. From the description offered by the German officer, once you get past the racist comments, Eclipse Furnace is clearly a non-human creature. It almost sounds like a relative of mankind from some primordial past.

Related to this is the disturbing mention that the traumatized survivor of the encounter described in the AAR was found in a ‘recreation center.’ What do these creatures use humans for? Also, does ‘disposal’ mean that the survivor was killed?

The notes also mention the Abwehr. During World War Two, the Abwehr was the name of Germany’s military intelligence organization. The group specified – I-Ht-C – appears to be a subbranch of the technical intelligence service. Could this be the Abwehr‘s equivalent of the Shadow Garden? We know that elements of the Nazi regime survived World War Two and have access to highly advanced technology (see the VALHALLA post for more information on the Fourth Reich). The Eclipse Furnace technology has elements that are well in advance of what the human race currently has; for example, the ‘force sphere.’ Did encounters with entities like Eclipse Furnace provide them with this technological advantage? How has our war with Eclipse Furnace affected our society and technology?

Mr. Friend has forwarded me other documents from the Shadow Garden’s historical research service. I will be publishing these in the week’s to come. They make it clear that the threat mankind faces from creatures like Eclipse Furnace goes back to the dawn of civilization. These documents will also address a threat to reality as we know it; GARDEN PARTY.

A War Within A War

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