Operation Nullify

While reviewing a collection of audio files, I came across the following. It is related to a small collection of documents associated with Operation Nullify. This appears to have been a nuclear attack carried out on the Deadbolt Manifest home world. Since Deadbolt Manifest appears to be the primary long-term threat humanity faces, an attempt to destroy it makes strategic sense. Unfortunately, this attempt failed, perhaps disastrously.

I’ve included the after action report of the mission, followed by the audio file and associated documents. My comments follow the primary sources.

nullify aar-1

nullify aar-2

Title: Untitled – Length: 0:58

gt cover notecoversheetnullify transcript

Many of these terms are familiar by now. A few new ones are Goblin Teak Transom, the SCI Throne, Project Watchdog, Project Nightingale, and OPLAN 9600-54.

It is not clear what Transom refers to, other than a subgroup of GOBLIN TEAK. Goblin Teak has already been established as the ‘thaumintel’ or thaumaturgical intelligence division of the Shadow Garden. Transom may be a sub-program with a very specific remit; it may also be something more mundane, like a records or administrative support branch.

Throne is a new Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) is a new compartment name. Based on the document it is attached to, it may refer to material shared by GOBLIN CASTLE and the White House. However, until further examples can be found, this is speculative.

Project Watchdog is defined in the GOBLIN TEAK cover letter as a “remote sensory operation.” In this case, the operation is in the DEADBOLT MANIFEST dimension; whether Watchdog is focused solely on monitoring that reality or is a broader category of magical/psychic intelligence gathering is not clear. However, given the threat posed by DEADBOLT MANIFEST, it would make sense that the Shadow Garden would have s specific program just for them.

OPLAN 9600-54 refers to an Operations Plan. The US military uses OPLANs (as well as other types of planning) to prepare for various contingencies. Some of the publicly known OPLANs include OPLAN 5027 (various iterations, all focused on a war in Korean), OPLAN 8010-12 (nuclear war fighting), and OPLAN 1003-98 (pre-2002 plan for the invasion of Iraq). How comprehensive OPLAN 9600-54 was is impossible to tell, although from the context, it appears to govern more than just a nuclear strike against DEADBOLT MANIFEST. It is not only possible, but probable that the US military (and others) have contingency planes in place for all of the extraterrestrial and trans dimensional threats we face.

It is chilling that audio recording indicates that the Operation Nullify mission, far from deterring DEADBOLT MANIFEST, may have in some way ‘awakened’ it. What this means in not clear, since the exact nature of DEADOLT MANIFEST is also not clear. Are they a race? A single entity? A god? Whatever they are, the attack on them certainly indicated that the Untied States (and, by extension, the human race) could reach their dimension and attempt to destroy them. It also appears that this attempt was an abject failure.

Finally, a note about the Operation Nullify mission; the bomber in question appears to be a B-47E reported missing during a routine training exercise on March 10, 1956. It was always assumed that the plan – lost over the Mediterranean while route to Morocco – suffered some kind of equipment failure and crashed. 2nd Lt. Kurtz was one of the crewmen lost.

The DoD denied that the lost aircraft carried nuclear weapons. Of course, they also have never admitted to carrying out a nuclear attack1 on another dimension.

Operation Nullify

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