Operation Nullify

While reviewing a collection of audio files, I came across the following. It is related to a small collection of documents associated with Operation Nullify. This appears to have been a nuclear attack carried out on the Deadbolt Manifest home world. Since Deadbolt Manifest appears to be the primary long-term threat humanity faces, an attempt to destroy it makes strategic sense. Unfortunately, this attempt failed, perhaps disastrously.

I’ve included the after action report of the mission, followed by the audio file and associated documents. My comments follow the primary sources.

nullify aar-1

nullify aar-2

Title: Untitled – Length: 0:58

gt cover notecoversheetnullify transcript

Many of these terms are familiar by now. A few new ones are Goblin Teak Transom, the SCI Throne, Project Watchdog, Project Nightingale, and OPLAN 9600-54.

It is not clear what Transom refers to, other than a subgroup of GOBLIN TEAK. Goblin Teak has already been established as the ‘thaumintel’ or thaumaturgical intelligence division of the Shadow Garden. Transom may be a sub-program with a very specific remit; it may also be something more mundane, like a records or administrative support branch.

Throne is a new Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) is a new compartment name. Based on the document it is attached to, it may refer to material shared by GOBLIN CASTLE and the White House. However, until further examples can be found, this is speculative.

Project Watchdog is defined in the GOBLIN TEAK cover letter as a “remote sensory operation.” In this case, the operation is in the DEADBOLT MANIFEST dimension; whether Watchdog is focused solely on monitoring that reality or is a broader category of magical/psychic intelligence gathering is not clear. However, given the threat posed by DEADBOLT MANIFEST, it would make sense that the Shadow Garden would have s specific program just for them.

OPLAN 9600-54 refers to an Operations Plan. The US military uses OPLANs (as well as other types of planning) to prepare for various contingencies. Some of the publicly known OPLANs include OPLAN 5027 (various iterations, all focused on a war in Korean), OPLAN 8010-12 (nuclear war fighting), and OPLAN 1003-98 (pre-2002 plan for the invasion of Iraq). How comprehensive OPLAN 9600-54 was is impossible to tell, although from the context, it appears to govern more than just a nuclear strike against DEADBOLT MANIFEST. It is not only possible, but probable that the US military (and others) have contingency planes in place for all of the extraterrestrial and trans dimensional threats we face.

It is chilling that audio recording indicates that the Operation Nullify mission, far from deterring DEADBOLT MANIFEST, may have in some way ‘awakened’ it. What this means in not clear, since the exact nature of DEADOLT MANIFEST is also not clear. Are they a race? A single entity? A god? Whatever they are, the attack on them certainly indicated that the Untied States (and, by extension, the human race) could reach their dimension and attempt to destroy them. It also appears that this attempt was an abject failure.

Finally, a note about the Operation Nullify mission; the bomber in question appears to be a B-47E reported missing during a routine training exercise on March 10, 1956. It was always assumed that the plan – lost over the Mediterranean while route to Morocco – suffered some kind of equipment failure and crashed. 2nd Lt. Kurtz was one of the crewmen lost.

The DoD denied that the lost aircraft carried nuclear weapons. Of course, they also have never admitted to carrying out a nuclear attack1 on another dimension.

Operation Nullify

A War Within A War

The focus of the Shadow Garden documents is on operations against the supernatural and extraterrestrial threats facing the United States. However, Mr. Friend has also provided information on the activities of other governments, some going back for centuries. This is the first such document. It is part of a series of histories produced by the Shadow Garden.

During the Second World War, German forces advanced into the Caucasus mountains during the summer of 1942. During the time frame of the After Action Report (AAR), the 4. Gebirgs Division (4th Mountain Division) was part of the unsuccessful thrust towards the Black Sea port of Sukhumi.

The red circle shows the approximate location of the events in the AAR.

The first image is of the cover of the book in which this document was originally published. The other images are of the translation of the AAR and notes from earlier editions of the book.

Translation of German encounter with subterrestirals-1.jpg

translation-of-german-encounter-with-subterrestirals-2translation-of-german-encounter-with-subterrestirals-3translation-of-german-encounter-with-subterrestirals-4translation-of-german-encounter-with-subterrestirals-5A few items stand out. The most important is the revelation that there is a subterranean race, one not described in previous documents. ECLIPSE FURNACE appears to be a major threat, one with subterranean cities and ongoing military actions against them. Joint Operation Pyrite IX implies there were earlier operations; although the note is from 1988, other material to be published demonstrates this conflict has intensified. Eclipse Furnace appears to be a major threat to mankind. From the description offered by the German officer, once you get past the racist comments, Eclipse Furnace is clearly a non-human creature. It almost sounds like a relative of mankind from some primordial past.

Related to this is the disturbing mention that the traumatized survivor of the encounter described in the AAR was found in a ‘recreation center.’ What do these creatures use humans for? Also, does ‘disposal’ mean that the survivor was killed?

The notes also mention the Abwehr. During World War Two, the Abwehr was the name of Germany’s military intelligence organization. The group specified – I-Ht-C – appears to be a subbranch of the technical intelligence service. Could this be the Abwehr‘s equivalent of the Shadow Garden? We know that elements of the Nazi regime survived World War Two and have access to highly advanced technology (see the VALHALLA post for more information on the Fourth Reich). The Eclipse Furnace technology has elements that are well in advance of what the human race currently has; for example, the ‘force sphere.’ Did encounters with entities like Eclipse Furnace provide them with this technological advantage? How has our war with Eclipse Furnace affected our society and technology?

Mr. Friend has forwarded me other documents from the Shadow Garden’s historical research service. I will be publishing these in the week’s to come. They make it clear that the threat mankind faces from creatures like Eclipse Furnace goes back to the dawn of civilization. These documents will also address a threat to reality as we know it; GARDEN PARTY.

A War Within A War


Note: The last few months have been difficult. My intent was to regularly post information being fed to me by Mr. Friend. However, a number of events conspired to make this impossible. While I will not go into detail, they were a combination of personal, financial, and technical issues that have been resolved for the moment.

I had been preparing a number of video and audio posts, when Mr. Friend contacted me and insisted the material below be my next priority. He stated that it was “critical that the public be made aware of the ubiquitous nature of the threat and the actions being taken to prevent a catastrophe. The wars that we are aware of are insignificant compared to the wars being fought in the shadows.”

Castel Coedig is a small town in Wales. With a population of only 8,000 and an economy primarily based on tourism, it appears to be unremarkable. In the winter and spring of 2013, however, it briefly entered the British news cycle. Between February and May, 38 people, mostly women in their late-teens and early twenties, committed suicide. While some followed an expected a pattern of depression or personal lost, most were described as happy and well-adjusted.

For example, Allison Davies – who died on March 15, 2013 – was active in her school government, volunteered with her local church, was captain of her school’s football team, and had been accepted to Oxford. After Allison’s death, her mother reported that she had been complaining about headaches since late February, but otherwise seemed in perfect health. On the evening of March 14, she made plans with friends for a weekend hiking trip. On the morning of the 15th, she left her home sometime before dawn and hung herself in a park across the street. No note or other indication of she did this was found. From reports in the British press, most of the other people who committed suicide during this time span exhibited the similar characteristics.

This appears to have raised a red flag with a group called Chartwell. It is not clear what this organization is, other than being attached to the Shadow Garden and is based in the United Kingdom. The documents also reveal the presence of an unknown British agency, MI20. Officially there is no Military Intelligence Section, 20. The acknowledged MI Sections end with MI19 and many of these were disbanded after World War Two. The context of the document implies that MI20 is the British Intelligence equivalent of the Shadow Garden.

The first document is an alert message from Chartwell to Goblin Castle, the Shadow Garden’s administrative directorate.deadbolt warning.png.

The next document is an After Action Report (AAR). It appears to be a summary, as there are few details of how the Goblin Hammer team ended the threat of a rupture of N-Space. I was unable to find any further documents related to this operation – other than those provided in this post – and Mr. Friend did not respond to requested for more information. However, a few details can be gleaned. The incident in Toledo detailed a purposeful attempt to create a gate between our dimension and another. The incidnet in Wales appears to show a naturally occurring dimensional rupture; there is no mention of extra-dimensional entities like Deadbolt Ginger being involved.

Perhaps this can explain some otherwise anomalous phenomenon throughout history. For example, could the Tunguska explosion have been an N-Space rupture and not a comet or meteor? Also, the mention of ’T-Sensitive individuals’ is almost certainly a reference to thaumaturgy. Are some people naturally attuned to N-Space? If an inter-dimensional event can lead to suicides among people who are more aware of this multidimensional information field, could this explain other paranormal phenomenon?chartwell aar page 1.png

chartwell aar page 2.png

There are a number of new items introduced. It is not clear what a ‘TEA TIME’ event is, other than it being related to an N-Space rupture in our world and it appears to have catastrophic consequences. During the operation, it appears the Goblin Hammer team faced creatures from interdimensional space (Non-Sentient N-Space Deformations). This term was also used to describe an entity encountered during the Toledo Incident reports. Also mentioned are “MK46 Redescription Generators.” This is clearly related to the idea of information space detailed in the last document release. There is also an entry related to Goblin Teak and an effort to ‘repair Baseline Space.’ This indicates that one of the missions of the Shadow Garden’s is to keep our reality stable. This leads to other questions, however. How often do they fail? How much of what we understand to be the “real world” has been rewritten to reflect some otherworldly agenda?

The AAR mentions Joint Project Tsiolkovsky. Based on this document, and the following report, it appears that this organization is a covert space program. This is stunning. Although technical details are lacking, it is clear that KB GABRIEL is a space ship more advanced than anything known to the public. The HATCHERY and the SUNSET OXFORD Mod 2 also appear to be either another type of spacecraft (in the latter case) or a control center (in the case of the HATCHERY). It is disturbing that the mission of the ship was to destroy a large section of England, using nuclear missiles and ‘redescription’ warheads.


I have more information that is related to Joint Project Tsiolkovsky, which I will publish in an upcoming post. As can be seen from this document, however, the level of technology available to some of the secret agencies is far in advance of what the public has been led to believe exists.

Finally, I found this image, labeled “Class 2 NSD, NV, 12Jul14.” While not associated with the incident in Wales, it appears to show an N-Space deformation as detailed in these documents.n-space-breach

Is this a glimpse into another world? And, if so, who is looking back at us?


Garden Party in Toledo

Mr. Friend requested that I post information on an incident that took place in Toledo, Ohio in 1998. While this request was part of a long conversation, the gist was to provide people with information on some of the other threats facing the human race. He did use a phrase that struck me as odd. He said, “Information has a life of its own. How we give birth to it, matters.”

When I asked him to expand on this, he said, “Later.” We never came back to the topic.

In the documents provided there are a number of references to the use of thaumaturgy for ‘redescription.’ That reminded me of a recent development in physics, in which the fundamental underpinnings is not matter, but information. In this view, a subatomic particle is a reflection of this information, a manifestation of an underlying set of systems. These systems, or rules, are what is really important when trying to understand how the universe is constituted. What we think of reality – all the matter that makes up the world around us – is just a way of expressing this underlying information space. If that is the case, and if you could somehow change the information, could you change reality? Is that what thaumaturgy is? Is it a method of rewriting the underlying information space? And what does that mean for our understanding of reality?

toledo blade newspaper effect

Mr. Friend began by telling me that this item from the December 23, 1998 print edition of The Blade, a Toledo newspaper, was a cover story for an incident involving entities from another dimension. He wanted this publicized so that people realize what appear to mundane events may be something more.



house guest

The official report of the incident reveals a number of interesting things. Other Federal agencies other than the military are involved in this convert war. The FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit had many roles during its history. One that was popularized in films like Silence of the Lambs was to create profiles of serial killers. From this report, it is clear that elements of the FBI not only know about the presence of aliens, but have a regular reporting mechanism when cases are brought to their attention. This is further evidence of how widespread knowledge of the covert war is. Questions remain about how many people know the extent of the conflict or the exact nature of it.

The report also sheds more light on the threat of extra-dimensional aliens. In addition to Deadbolt Ginger, who have been referenced before, the report mentions some other creature, the Sentient N-Space Deformation (SNSD). We know that N-Space is the term used to describe other realities. Could the SNSD indicate that there are other dimensions where the fabric of space itself is alive and intelligent?

Finally, it is clear there are humans that assist the aliens, in this case, the Children of Pan. Dionysius is the Geek god of fertility. Pan is also associated with fertility. Both are also associated with wilder aspects of human nature; orgies, drunken parties, animalistic rituals, and general debauchery. What could Deadbolt Ginger offer people to persuade them to become followers? The report doesn’t touch on this issue; however, a little creative theorizing may offer an explanation. What if the idea of gods came from creatures like Deadbolt Ginger? Could all of our beliefs be distorted visions of reality, going back to antiquity?



This email was apparently written by the author of the report. While there isn’t any new information – except for the reference to the FSB, the successor of the Soviet-era KGB – it does demonstrate that even in the midst of a covert war against aliens from another reality, people are still people. There still concerned with pecking orders and petty power struggles. While on one level that is a concern, I also find that refreshing. It shows that humans can still be humans, even in the face of global annihilation.

The final document is a partial transcript of the debriefing of one member of the Goblin Hammer assault team. I think it shows how dangerous the fight against the aliens is and how critical it is that groups like the Shadow Garden continue to succeed. If we are facing a foe that can ‘rewrite’ space and time, then the margin for failure has to be approaching zero.

gust event

Guest Event Transcript-2.jpg





Garden Party in Toledo

Document Five – Thaumaturgy: Magic Or Science?

One of my recent communications to Mr. Friend involved the mention of ‘thaumaturgy’ in the establishing memo. I asked for clarification of this term. Merriam-Webster defines it as “the performance of miracles; specifically :  magic.” Even in a world of alien abductions and Nazi flying saucers, I still have a hard time accepting that magic exists. I expected Mr. Friend to give some indication that this was a code word for some other, less fantastic program.

In response to my questions, Mr. Friend sent me the following response;

“Think of thaumaturgy not as magic but a type of technology that uses a new branch of physics. Don’t think of Harry Potter or Gandalf; our thaumatologists are as much scientists as any astronomer, physicist, or biologist. I’ve decide to send two sets of documents to you. One is from our new employee information packet. The other is a transcript of a thaumintel session. I’ll send more information when I think the time is right.”

Attached this message were two slide from a PowerPoint presentation and a four page transcript with commentary. They detail aspects of thaumaturgy, how it is viewed by the Shadow Garden, and how it is used operationally.

PowerPoint Slide One:

Intro to thaum ppt 1

PowerPoint Slide Two:


Thaumintel (Thaumaturgical Intelligence?) transcript:

docmuent sixdocmuent six

docmuent sixdocmuent six

Apparently, DEADBOLT refers to extra-dimensional locations or entities. The abduction of Dalton Crane referenced Deadbolt Ginger. Based on this information, it is appears that they are not a race of extraterrestrials; they are some form of life from another dimension. In the thaumintel transcript, however, Deadbolt Styx is a place, not a race. ‘Deadbolt’ may be a generic codeword, related to any extra-dimensional data. And what is Deadbolt Manifest? It  must be a highly dangerous place, race, or entity. I’ve sent a follow-up communication to Mr. Friend about this, but have yet to receive a reply.

The term ‘N-Brane’ appears to be related to String Theory. I don’t pretend to be particularly knowledgeable about String Theory. I’ve read Brian Greene’s The Elegant Universe and a few articles in Scientific American, but that’s the extent of my “expertise.” However, as I understand the concept, a brane (from membrane) in String Theory is a manifestation of superstrings, in a set number of dimensions, perhaps fewer than the actual superstring. So, our world is a three-dimensional brane even though the superstrings that make it up may have many more dimensions spinning off into realms of existence that we can’t access.

In the case of the N-Brane, it appears that is some kind of intermediate layer other branes (such as our own; what is termed B-Space) interact with. The transcript mentions a ‘transient deformation in N-Space.’ Is this a manifestation of the diagram in slide two? I’m almost certain that this is the case; but, what is the significance? Is the deformation a interaction between different branes? Could this be a wormhole, but one between universes? In quantum physics, there are theories that wormholes (theoretical as well) could be tunnels between dimensions and even different times – which, after all, is a dimension.

Venus of Dolni Vestonica (Petr Novak, Wikipedia)

There are a number of references  to the ‘Mother’ or the ‘Mother of All.’ It is part of the ritual being used in the reconnaissance session; but, it is also used by the author of the report. Could this be just a thaumaturgical phrase? Or, are we seeing some form of religion within the Shadow Garden? Based on the the phrase ‘May the Mother watch over us’ is almost seems like the latter. The idea of a universal mother figure isn’t new. In Greco-Roman mythology, Gaia is the mother of everything; the universe, the Titans, and the gods. In Hinduism, Adi Parashakti fills a similar role, being the creator – and destroyer – of everything. Many other religious and myth-systems have a similar primal mother figure. One of the first works of art produced by prehistoric man were the Venus figures (example at right), stylized carving and sculptures of women, most likely used in early religious rites.

The veneration of the Mother-figure as a primal universal force makes sense, given that women are responsible for giving birth, the “creation” of life. What role this may play in a covert arm of the US Government is open to speculation. As one of the earliest – perhaps the earliest – forms of religion devised by man, however, it is possible that there is power associated with the primordial mother-figure, a power that the Shadow Garden can access.

These documents raise many questions, ones that can’t be answered at this time. What is striking to me is how mundane everything seems. Magic is a topic covered in an employee orientation PowerPoint presentation. Peering into anther dimension seems as routine as flying a drone over a hostile part of the world, although far more dangerous. Just how much power are members of the Shadow Garden wielding? How much control over this power do they actually have? If the information being released is any indication, the answer to these questions may mean the difference between the survival of the human race…or our extinction.

Document Five – Thaumaturgy: Magic Or Science?

Document Two – Varsity Team

The abduction of humans by aliens has been a staple of UFO lore for decades. The first widely know case was that of Betty and Barney Hill, a New Hampshire couple allegedly abducted in 1961. Their case either fits – or helped create – a pattern that future abduction stories would follow: missing time, disturbing medical experiments, and diminutive aliens, often referred to as ‘Greys.’ For some, the phenomenon is a nightmarish fear; for others, fodder for jokes about ‘anal probes.’

Whether you are a believer or not, most people are familiar with the concept through movies and television.The film Close Encounters of the Third Kind brought the phenomenon (or the tropes of a burgeoning mythology, depending on your level of skepticism) to a mass audience in 1977. Fifteen years later, The X-Files helped start a new wave of interest in UFOs in general and alien abductions in particular. Today, the idea that aliens are taking humans for medical experimentation has saturated pop culture. Films like A Fire in the Sky (1993), The Fourth Kind (2009), and even Cowboys & Aliens (2011) and television shows as diverse as Roswell (1999 – 2002), American Horror Story: Asylum (2012), and Ancient Aliens (2009 – Present) have kept the idea of aliens descending from the sky to snatch humans a part of America’s Zeitgeist.

I was recently given the following document by Mr. Friend. He provided no other information beyond, “You might find this interesting.” It appears to detail an alien abduction in 1983.

incident two

incident two

incident two

It is clear that VIPER is a first word for extraterrestrial related events. What VIPER DIAMOND specifically refers to is unclear; however, it should be noted that the mentioning of a listening post in Vieques places VIPER DIAMOND HOSTEL – apparently a base or installation of some sort – in Puerto Rico. This may coincide with reports of UFOs operating in tandem with US military jets in Puerto Rico going back to the 1980s. Mr. Friend provided the following image, claiming it is of a VIPER DIAMOND spacecraft being escorted by an F-14 in the skies over Puerto Rico.

Alleged image of an F-14 escorting a UFO over Puerto Rico, September, 1986.

It is also clear that VIPER DIAMOND has a relationship with the American government, including protocols for operating in the United States. The MONTAUK TREATY may refer to Montauk Air Force Station, a defunct US military base on Long Island that has been the center of conspiracy theories for decades. I’ll have more about that installation and the stories surrounding it in a future post.

The mention of phasing technology and DEADBOLT GINGER goes unexplained. It is easy – although, perhaps incorrect – to infer that “phasing technology” allows solid objects to pass through each other. How this would work is unknown; however, most of what we consider solid matter is empty space. Could this technology somehow control the interaction of subatomic particles and the four fundamental forces?

Mr. Friend was unable or unwilling to provide further explanation for what the more obscure content means (e.g., who is JOHN WAYNE?). This is a common difficulty when analyzing classified documents. However, it appears that this document not only provides proof for elements of the abduction phenomenon, but also confirms that the US government cooperates with an alien race. It also indicates that there are multiple extraterrestrial forces at work in the United States.

A search by the Pennsylvania State Police and the Middleburg Police Department produced no record of Dalton Crane, although the age of the case may contribute to the lack of documentation. The Snyder County Assessment Office was able to confirm that Dalton Crane owned the property at the address in the report. That property was confiscated by the state government in 1985 for unpaid taxes. It is currently the property of Tans-American Energy Incorporated, an oil and natural gas company operating throughout the United States.

Document Two – Varsity Team

Document One – The Establishment

The origins of the Shadow Garden are found in the early days of the Central Intelligence Agency. Only a few weeks after the CIA was officially formed, a memo (reproduced below) was issued by the National Security Council – also a newly created body1 – establishing an unnamed group to coordinate intelligence gathering about “unconventional threats” to the United States. This group would eventually become known as The Shadow Garden, according to my source, Mr. Friend.the red room first document

It is not clear exactly what is considered an “unconventional threat.” Mr. Friend has not provided any explanation; however, It is provocative that “extra-terrestrial” is listed as one possible threat. Does that mean that aliens exist? Was the government concerned that aliens might exist and wanted a covert intelligence group trained to handle possible alien incursions? There is precedent for this. The history of the twentieth century is littered with government projects that investigated UFO sightings. For example, the United States Air Force ran Projects Sign, Grudge and Blue Book. Each was established to collect information on UFO sightings and, in most cases, try to provide mundane explanations for the reports they collected. Is the Shadow Garden a CIA version of these public programs? And what are the threats that are redacted?

Also of interest is the inclusion of “thaumaturgic” research and training. Thaumaturgy is another term for magic. Does magic exist? While the mention of extraterrestrials might be there to address a potential threat, the context that thaumaturgy is mentioned in indicates that it is something known to exist.

It is clear from the document that the government has had a long term interest in “unconventional threats.” The fact that elements of other agencies are being folded incorporated into the Shadow Garden is proof of this. None of these other organizations can be found in public sources. For example, 2nd Special Service Force (2SSF) is not mentioned in history books. The name indicates that it is a sister unit to the 1st Special Services Force (1SSF), a joint US-Canadian special forces team that operated during World War Two. It does not appear in any official documents from the Second World War. However, there are a few hints that 2SSF – or at least some unit associated with 1SSF – was active during World War Two. In his autobiography Life In The Devil’s Brigade, Major John Taylor (Canadian Army) wrote;

“During our operations in Italy, there were times when other units with a similar mission to ours would be called in. While we were fighting around Monte Cassino, we had to call in a specialist team to deal with German holdouts in the tunnels of the monastery. They were some odd fellows, but they got the job done.”

While this could reference another, more mundane special forces team, other documents obtained by this author indicate that these specialists were not called in to fight Germans and may well have been 2SSF. More about that in a future post.

The Shadow Garden may be part of a disinformation campaign. There is precedence in the history of US government-public relations. The decades of denial surrounding the reported crash of an alien spaceship at Roswell, New Mexico, eventually gave way to the revelation that this was part of a top secret nuclear weapons monitoring program, Project Mogul. While the purpose of an elaborate – and, at first glance, ludicrous – disinformation or psychological warfare campaign based around The Shadow Garden is unclear, the possibility can’t be ruled out. It would be better for all of us if this turns out to be a government orchestrated hoax.

If it is not, the implications are staggering and terrifying.

1. Both were formed on 18 September, 1947 as part of the National Security Act.

Document One – The Establishment