Document Three – Viper Sapphire and Secret Wars

Since 9/11, the covert wars that have been going on in the background of geopolitics for decades have burst into the public’s consciousness. We know that our most elite soldiers and intelligence officers are locked in a shadowy conflict against terrorists. We’ve become used to hearing about drone strikes, special forces raids, cyber attacks, and the other tools of the covert warrior. Americans not only accept the idea of covert wars; they expect them as a part of life.

The latest document from Mr. Friend details a covert war that is unbelievable on its surface and frightening in its implications. In addition to a single page drawn from a longer report and an image file, Friend included this message:

“People need to know that there are wars within wars. Our conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere started against human adversaries; but they didn’t remain so. We’ll send more information on these wars when the time is right.”

Who ‘we’ are is not specified, although I have always assumed that Mr. Friend is not working alone. Given the information being sent to me, it makes sense that he has accomplices. While figures like Edward Snowden can release a massive amount of information on their own, Friend is an active member of the intelligence community. It is also clear from the way information is being released that he – and others – have an agenda at work. This is not just some disgruntled employee or erstwhile whistleblower performing a data dump; there is a plan at work here. Why he would tip his hand this way – clearly stating that he is working with others – is something to ponder. After twenty years of interacting with people like Friend, I have become convinced that controlling the flow of information is something they do almost reflexively. His wording is purposeful. The question is, what is that purpose?

This is the document Friend provided:

vampire mantis copy.jpg

This single page has a number of interesting pieces of information, beyond the obvious: that there is a second alien race operating on Earth.

The first is the reference to a ‘JSOC’ team. JSOC is the Joint Special Operations Command, a component of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). While it is not specified in the document, the team could be made up of members of Delta Force, SEAL Team Six, the 75th Ranger Regiment or other special operations forces. JSOC personnel have been operating in Afghanistan for years and Shah-i-Kot has been the focus of numerous operations, both overt and covert, making it impossible to determine when this document was produced or when the operation took place.

The second detail is the word ‘Cronus’ in the header. This indicates an Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) control system. This is a subset of the clearance system that further restricts who has access to a given piece of information. To be able to read this report, not only would you need Top Secret clearance, you would also have to be ‘read in’ to the Cronus SCI control system. As more documents are made available, the Cronus control system name, as well as others, could be important in gaining an understanding of how the Shadow Garden is structured.

What to make of the subject of the document though? I am still having trouble accepting the entire premise of this and the other material I’ve received; that aliens are visiting Earth, that the government knows about them and has relations with some (VIPER DIAMOND) while it appears to be at war with others. It appears that, at the time of this operation, JSOC was conducting operations against an unknown threat in Afghanistan. They were expecting to find something, but not what they found. This would indicate that the Earth is being visited by multiple alien races, some of which the national security community is learning of on-the-fly.

The use of JSOC also indicates that there are some elements of the national security community outside of Shadow Garden that are aware of the presence of extraterrestrial life on Earth. While the Shadow Garden establishing document states that ‘GOBLIN HAMMER’ will handle the military response, it appears that has changed over the decades.

In the document detailing the abduction of Dalton Crane, mention is made of DEADBOLT GINGER. While this is speculation on my part, it would seem that Viper is a code name used for alien races. What is DEADBOLT GINGER? Is this a subset of alien threats?

Trying to untangle and create some meaning form the trickle of information I’m being given will be a major part of this project. It is frustrating to only be given a single page of a much larger document. Why this page and not another? I have reached out to Friend for more of this document, but have not received anything to date.

The image Friend provided was labeled ‘VIPER SAPPHIRE – OPERATION DYNAMIC PEAK.’ I don’t know if this image is from the operation detailed in the document or some other mission. My initial research has been unable to uncover any evidence of Operation Dynamic Peak. I am checking with other defense and intelligence sources; but so far, no one claims to have ever heard of it.

Is this image of a real creature? Is it a Photoshop concoction, part of a disinformation campaign of which I and my readers are an unwitting part? At this point, I have no way of knowing. I hope it is just part of some elaborate hoax. If not, then the world is much stranger place than most of use ever imagined it to be.

Document Three – Viper Sapphire and Secret Wars

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